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Unfinished Bookcases

The unfinished bookcase comes in a variety of woods, styles and designs for your every need.

Are you looking for that special unfinished wood bookcase to complete a room and add elegance and warmth to it while showcasing your treasured books along with your most-loved curios and collectibles? Are you looking for a custom bookcase that an off-the-shelf bookcase simply can't replace? Do you value highly the look, feel and aroma of natural solid woods like alder, oak and pine? If so, you have come to the right place for information on unfinished bookcases.

Since you have most likely found our site by conducting a search on the Internet, you probably already know that an unfinished furniture bookcase provides the kind of value and uniqueness that is not available with finished furniture.  You never really know what you are getting with factory finished furniture because many finished furniture manufacturers use inferior grades and quality of wood to save money and hide the imperfections under heavy layers of stains and paint. Beneath that glossy exterior may lie an ugly knot that has been filled and sanded over, compromising the strength of the piece.

With unfinished wood furniture or unpainted furniture on the other hand, there is no way to hide inferior wood and wood grain defects. In fact, the emphasis is on high quality lumber, superior grain and good workmanship with a minimum of defects. With unfinished furniture, you can literally see what you are really getting. You will find all kinds of unfinished furniture besides bookcases, ranging from desks, armoires, home office furniture, bedroom furniture and kitchen islands to dressers, chairs, rockers, toy chests, vanity tables, nightstands and storage units. In bookcases, you will find every type of design from the contemporary to the traditional, and with a wide range of features from the simple 4-shelf to the barrister bookcase. The bottom line is: don’t be fooled by the low prices--unfinished furniture is top grade, solid, real wood furniture!

And then there is the unique experience of finishing the piece yourself (or having it finished by a professional or someone you know and trust). Every unfinished bookcase is like a blank canvas waiting for you to give it your own one-of-a-kind touch. Your home is your sanctuary where you can relax and be rejuvenated amidst your favorite possessions. And there are few things that will fit in as well as a piece of furniture that you have finished yourself. Besides, staining, crackle-glazing, painting, stenciling, and distressing are not just a fun way to do-it-yourself. They can add real value to well-built furniture, value that can last for decades and perhaps make your hand-finished piece of work a special family heirloom. We don't see those too often anymore.

Finishing your unfinished bookcase will also give you a great sense of accomplishment and it is easier than you think. You will find everything you need at lumber and hardware stores. With a rainbow of available colored stains, paints and protective coatings to stock or custom fittings that will meet any style or decor. You will also find that with all the friendly, expert advice and help that you need readily available, you will easily finish your furniture even if you have no prior experience, no matter what type of finish style you choose—country, traditional, modern, rustic or avant-garde.

So to recap, why choose unfinished bookcases?

  • Greater Value 
  • Superior Materials 
  • Superior Construction 
  • Greater Variety 
  • Personal Sense of Accomplishment 
  • Custom Finishing 
  • Affordable Price 


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